Bitcoin and altcoins overview(Jule 10-11)

Bitcoin and altcoins overview(Jule 10-11) Bitcoin / TetherUS BINANCE:BTCUSDT Crypto_robotics On the daily chart for Bitcoin, we had a false breakout at the $56,600 level, the long scenario and the move towards the ATH are still intact. When testing the lower level of the sideways range, strong stopping volumes were formed, which were positioned for purchase. Upon returning to the marked zone, we should expect a repeated reaction from the buyer. The cancellation of the long scenario will be a full consolidation below the new local low of $53,500. At the moment, we are trading within the global descending trendline and above there is a seller's zone, so the main expectation is a repeated test of the lower marks. Buyer zones: $56,700-$54,000 (volume anomalies). Seller zones: $59,900-$62,000 (volume zone), $64,400-$65,700 (volume zone), $68,900-$69,800 (volume anomalies), $70,800-$71,400 (accumulated volume). Interesting altcoins. The TIA coin has found a good buyer; when correcting to the volume zone of $6.16-$5.95, consider buying if there is a reaction. A reverse situation is developing for AAVE. At the moment, we have inertial purchases within the trendline. We expect entry into the strong volume zone of $88-$91 and a breakout of the trendline in a downward direction.

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