BookTrib's Bites: From Historical Fiction to Pirates


(NewsUSA) - Clara CoverClara’s Secret by Stephan R. Frenkel

This critically acclaimed Amazon Bestseller begins with the captivating story of Clara Prinz, a remarkable woman forced to leave her native Berlin in 1939. As Clara embarks alone on a voyage into the unknown, she turns to memories of her adolescence during LaBelle Époque – the Beautiful Era filled with optimism and cultural transformation at the dawn of the twentieth century.

As Clara’s recollections unfold, readers are transported to a time of elegance and grandeur immersed in the vibrant atmosphere of the Prussian capital and invited to witness the pivotal moments that shaped Clara’s life. Through Clara’s encounters with luminaries from Mark Twain to Theodore Roosevelt, Clara’s Secret weaves an unforgettable tapestry of historical events.

Clara’s Secret is ultimately a compelling story of the advancement of humankind and the survival of its decline. Described by Kirkus as “a tender personality-centered biography of golden age Berlin.”  Purchase at

Blind FaithBlind Faith by Patrick Girondi

In another riveting tale by entertainer and eccentric author and CEO Patrick Girondi, greed and desperation drive brother to challenge sister's competency. Believers line up against non-believers in the circuit court in Chicago to decide if there is a God. 

Aaron needs Trish’s inheritance. As a blue blood, he knows the damage created when important resources are not held by the cream of society. Trish taught retarded kids. When her boyfriend, Hat, dies in a car accident, she reverts to her hermit-like self. Who better to assist Aaron than Sebastian Sherwin, a famously unscrupulous, atheist attorney?
Judge Cohen is up for re-election. There is zero public appeal gained by declaring a young woman incompetent. Unfortunately, the story is picked up by a blog and gains national attention. Overnight, his courtroom turns into an unruly zoo with believers and non-believers. Purchase at

NightweaverNightweaver by R.M. Gray

Set in an alternate world that combines the Gilded Age with the Golden Age of Piracy, where what remains of humankind has been driven out to sea, Nightweaver tells the story of 17-year-old Violet Oberon, a cursed pirate with a mysterious past. After a lifetime of hiding from bloodthirsty monsters, Violet is captured and forced to team up with the notorious Nightweaver, Will Castor, a magic-wielding lord and the heir to the estate where Violet and her family are hired into service.

Together, Violet and Will set out to hunt her eldest brother’s killer, a shadow creature known as an Underling. But when strange things start happening at Bludgrave Manor, Violet discovers the killer is already hunting her—and it’s leaving a trail of bodies in its wake. Learn more at

The Pillars of LegacyThe Pillars of Legacy by Joginder Singh Kalsi

There are some who live extraordinary lives, not necessarily because they set out to become remarkable, but because of the choices they make and by the way they live their lives. Jogi Kalsi is one of those people.

The incredible life he’s built is a result of the decisions he’s made and the values that have guided him on his journey. From his early family life in Pakistan and India to a relocation to the U.S., he’s found success and abundance by always remembering the legacy he wants to leave behind.

Now he shares that legacy, focusing on the pillars of education, faith, and positivity and how these factors have influenced his life. Through his real-life example, he shows others how to create a meaningful legacy of their own, with gratitude and love at the forefront. Purchase at