BTCUSDT : Bitcoin / TetherUS BINANCE:BTCUSDT Armitaryan You have to be careful in crypto Exactly when the traders leave the market, the market movement always starts It means that the market has messed us up Bitcoin's dominance hasn't moved much, Bitcoin itself hasn't moved yet, it's only moved 2% It is difficult to open a position today because the trigger is known and the stop is not known Be behind the chart until US time, it starts at 4:30 our time It is clear that we are starting a new trend, but since the volume is small, it may take some volume, but we have to wait today, I think Important support 67181, open shorts under this position, we are also oversold, the trigger is clear, but we don't have a stop, that's why I said it's difficult, involve less risk, if you want to put a small stop, it's ok, because we are at the end of the movement, we will enter

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